MonTEC plays an integral part in the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Western Montana by providing networking, mentorship and funding opportunities for a wide range of early stage ventures.  Its 32,000 square foot facility is also a critical component of MonTEC's role by offering start-ups first rate conferencing space, common work areas, break rooms, 1 GB internet access, office/working spaces of various sizes, as well as microbiological and chemical laboratories.  There are two levels of engagement with MonTEC: Affiliate Company or Resident Company. 

Affiliate companies are essentially given a key to the building and have complete access to the facility with the exception of having a lock and key office.  Businesses often use this status when they are at the point of approaching early sales or investment, and need a professional front for their business without the hassle of leasing or maintaining an office.  Affiliates make great use of conferencing spaces as well as basic services such as mail and copying. 

Resident companies receive the same full access as described above for affiliates, however they also pay a tiered/subsidized rental rate for a space combination fitting of the business' needs.  Businesses are typically ready for space when they begin hiring full time employees, securing investment/contracts and need a synergistic space for their team to work on a daily basis.  Some companies utilize a single office to house multiple employees while others have a mix of office and laboratory spaces.  The typical time for a business to spend as a resident company ranges from two to four years during which MonTEC acts as a partner to accommodate growth renovations to get the business to a point where they are ready to enter the commercial real estate market and sustain growth.

Space availability changes from day to day in our dynamic facility. Please see our current listings below.

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East Side
Suite 149 120 sq/f interior office
Suite 110 325 sq/f interior office

West Side 
Suite 114 1,130 sq/f interior office space with private entrance 

For current pricing please call (406) 290-9800.