Rivertop Renewables™ has developed a scalable, green chemistry route to glucaric acid and other novel chemicals from renewable resources. These renewable chemicals can improve the performance and sustainability profile of end products while reducing customers’ total cost of formulation.

In 1968, Dr. Donald E. Kiely began research to explore the creation of sophisticated, biodegradable polymers derived from glucaric acid, securing relevant patents on these polymers and uses while at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Before long, Kiely realized that the glucaric available at the time was so expensive that any polymers derived from it would not be commercially viable. Undeterred, he set-out to discover a new process to make glucaric acid from glucose .

At the University of Montana, Dr. Kiely and his research group methodically conducted hundreds of experiments. Ultimately, the Kiely group developed a platform technology to enable the scalable and environmentally responsible production of a family of biodegradable chemicals from plants that could compete on price and performance. From this work, the core intellectual property behind Rivertop Renewables was born. Rivertop was founded in early 2008 in Missoula, Montana, where the corporate headquarters is located.

The Kiely group developed a platform technology that enables the scalable and environmentally responsible production of a family of biodegradable chemicals.

Kiely’s invention is now poised to service multiple commercial applications, such as corrosion inhibitors that biodegrade after use and phosphate replacements in dishwasher detergents. Additional potential markets include consumer and industrial cleaning, food and beverage, oil and gas, transportation, building materials, transportation, adhesives, films and fibers.

With a seasoned management team, venture capital, a blue chip list of customers and partners, Rivertop is bringing Dr. Kiely’s vision to life.